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Learning Environments


Natural Outdoor Environment

Today’s children and families often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment. Our natural outdoor environment has been created to allow children the freedom to explore and connect with nature on their own terms in a variety of outdoor spaces. Children are encourage to take part in developing sustainable practices, worm farming and regular gardening activities along with messy sand and mud activities, giving them a long lasting appreciation of what the natural environment has to offer.

Our Learning Environments

The centre has three big rooms and a large natural outdoor environment, licensed for 44 places for children 0 – 5 years. The centre offers a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program for those children in the year before school.



Our Nursery is the first stop on a journey that will last up until school for a lot of families. Educators have created a warm environment that encourages our little ones to make secure attachments to new people, take their first steps, read their first books and make their first friends, while providing plenty of opportunities for infants to investigate, explore and discover the world around them.


Our Toddler room allows for our little people to start expanding their comfort zones and explore a world where educators have the expectation that they can achieve what they want with help and encouragement.  Transition to the toddler room sets children on their path to pre primary learning with the introduction of pack up time, routines and mix aged friends to play with; this is a busy year for our toddlers as our educators work with them to toilet train, expand their language and learn social skills.



Our Kindy room caters for the 3-5 age group, with those children in the year before school being eligible for government subsidies under our Qld Government funded Kindergarten.  Kindy environment begins your child’s preparation for school providing the 3-4 age group early exposure to Kinder learning while the Government funded 4-5 kinder cohort navigate through programs that ensure they are ready to face the transition to Prep.   Our Kindergarten environment allows children to think big, kindy children lead the educators through explorations and adventures that encourage them to learn, socialise, express opinions and create their own learning environments.  Learning is supported by a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teacher who plans a range of meaningful educational experiences that are developmentally and culturally appropriate and based on the learning and development areas of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.  Pre primary learning is further developed through extensive group times and discussions, literacy and numeracy experiences, and collaborative explorations. Children in our kinder group are given more responsibility for their surroundings, are encouraged to think openly, ask questions and respect their peers, educators and their environment.

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