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About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands



Developing a passion for learning in the early years will enable children to grow, learn and prosper.  At Cairns TAFE Community Child Care Centre, we provide children with a safe, secure, and natural environment that celebrates their individuality. Our child-led curriculum focuses on learning through play, to build resilient, confident, responsible, and compassionate global citizens. The centre provides a place for children to be curious about themselves, value, and respect each other, nature, the environment, and learning.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, the Gimuy Walabura Yidinji and the Yirrganydji People and the contributions of all First Nations Peoples. We value and embrace culture and diversity and our centre is a place where cultural knowledge is embedded across our programs and practices.



Children learn best when they have a connection with their educators and feel valued for who they are as individuals. At our centre, children can choose how they want to learn and play. Educators value a child-led curriculum which supports the physical and emotional development, well-being, safety, and education of every child.  Our centre provides children with opportunities to strengthen their sense of belonging, agency, autonomy, inter-dependence, and social emotional wellbeing. 


Educators are the foundation of the centre and we value their individuality, knowledge, and skills. Our Management and Educators use collaborative leadership to maintain the high quality of educational programs and practices. We all work together as a team, both within and across the three rooms allowing continuous relationships to be fostered.  All Educators are supported to engage in ongoing professional learning relating to their identified needs and best practices for children. Through the process of critical reflection, and self-assessment we continuously improve our policies and practices.



We support the inclusion of all children while acknowledging their unique abilities, backgrounds cultural identities, challenges, and learning styles. Through our inclusive environment all children can learn through play, make decisions, and collaborate with peers and educators.


We value the three dimensions of sustainability; natural environment, social justice, and economic sustainability. Through providing exploratory, challenging, and risky play in natural environments, children become aware of their own and each other’s boundaries, capabilities and form a respect for nature and the social environments around them. Through embedding sustainable practices throughout the centre, everyone cares for the environment and contributes to a sustainable future.



Our centre is a connection point for families, community members and other professionals in children’s lives. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of our community and contribute to all aspects of the centre.  Management and Educators are committed to building genuine partnerships with families and others; collaborating, respecting, and valuing their views and ideas to ensure the best outcomes for all children.

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