Documenting your child’s learning- Educa E-Portfolios

Educa in action TAFE Day Care CairnsPortfolios are an invaluable tool to track the learning of your children. However, with your busy lives, you are often rushed to read and hear about your child’s day. Online E-Portfolios allow you to access your child’s portfolio from your home or work computer at any time. You are able to make comments, read learning stories and newsletters, and share this information with other family members you have given authorized access to.

TAFE Child Care CairnsThe Cairns TAFE Community Child Care Centre uses Educa which is a secure web-based portfolio system specifically designed for Early Childhood Education Centres and parents. It significantly improves communication with parents and families. The idea behind Educa is to provide a secure and interactive environment where teachers and families can share learning stories, photos and videos, and collaborate on children’s learning. Educa has also released apps for both the iPhone and the Android, which are available for parents to follow children’s learning on the go.

Here is what it looks like: