Cairns TAFE Community Child Care Centre

Our Philosophy

Centre Philosophy

The Cairns TAFE Community Child Care Centre has an open door policy encouraging access and participation by all families, specialist and industry professionals and visitors from the wider community.  The centre shows a strong commitment to continuous improvement to ensure that best practise is exercised in all areas. This is achieved by a joint partnership with educators who continually update knowledge and learning through professional development and critical reflection, which is the guiding source of our Quality Improvement Plan along with input from families and children.

The parent management committee, educators and staff engage in respectful relationships valuing each other’s opinions, knowledge and roles in the centre. These relationships are built on trust, respectful communication and shared decision making.  All involved understand the role of the centre not only in regards to the children but to the families, each other and the community.

Indigenous history is rich in the Cairns region and the center aims to promote greater understanding of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being, while ensuring that other cultures are equally recognized and incorporated into our programs.


Our centre endorses and supports each family’s values. We aim for all children, educators and families to have a sense of belonging and we work together to create an environment where everyone feels safe, secure and welcome. Our centre is enriched with families and educators from the wider community and a variety of cultures and we believe all cultures, images, beliefs, ideals and opinions are valuable. The role of parents, carers and guardians as primary caregivers is recognised as vitally important to child development and educator’s respect and support caregivers as part of their commitment to a holistic approach to quality child care. The rights and best interest of children are the corner stone of our commitment to quality child care at the centre and this is shown through responsive interactions where children are respected as individuals, encouraged in their efforts and recognised for their unique skills.


To support the children’s self confidence and belief in themselves; educators ensure the ‘whole’ child will have their individual needs met in a calm, harmonious and responsive environment that is free from bias and prejudice. The center’s emergent curriculum respects children’s freedom of choice and their individual interests. The afternoon free flow program allows the children to freely access both indoor and outdoor play areas enabling them to interact with the varying age groups and other educators. We believe that children are successful, capable and competent learners who develop and enhance skills by playing, investigating, exploring and discovering information about their own ideas and interests. Our commitment to inclusion and equity supports full participation of children with additional needs enabling them to participate in all centre programs to their full ability and without prejudice.


Our educators are committed to observing children’s play and listening carefully to children to develop projects and creations that emerge directly from the children. We encourage children to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally as well as fuelling their imagination and creative instincts. Through our educational play program, sustainable environment and reflective practice we support and guide children on their journey to become who they aspire to be.

(Reviewed February 2015)