Management Committee FAQ’s

Hello to all parents and guardians!

We would like to welcome you to our centre, we are one of the few remaining community based centres in the Cairns region, we are unique from other centres as the centre is owned by the larger community and its operations are overseen by a volunteer Parent Management Committee, membership to the committee is optional and members can donate as little or as much time as they choose.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that our Parents and Guardians have about our Child Care Centre and its management committee.

Is the centre owned and run by TAFE?

No. The centre building and land are owned by TAFE and leased to Cairns TAFE Community Childcare Association, but the up keep and maintenance of the Centre and grounds are our responsibility.

So who owns the business?

The Cairns Community! As a Non-Profit community organisation any parent or interested community person may join the Parent Management Committee (similar to a schools P&C Association) and provide input into the running of the Centre.

Who runs the business?

A Director and Administration Officer are appointed to take care of the day to day running of the Centre.

A management Committee is made up of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer plus other ordinary members. As well as Parents and Guardians, these ordinary members may be representatives of TAFE or other relevant and interested parties e.g. Family Services.  The Management Committee works in consultation with all interested parties to make decisions on where to spend funding, budgeting for the financial year and other matters concerning the upkeep, staffing and equipping of the Centre. The Committee also formulates and provides input into the policies of the Centre.

Who sets the fees for my Child Care?

The Management Committee do. This means that you are able to have a direct input into the amount of money your fees cost – however all parents are welcome to join us at any Meeting to have their say.

What if we don’t have a Management Committee or any people who want to volunteer?

The centre would be forced to close down. You can’t have a business running itself – someone has to ‘own’ or manage the business. In a Non-Profit organisation this cannot be just one or two people but must be a ‘Committee’. There is legislation on how a Management Committee is formed and what rights they have, plus the rules on how they can manage the organisation and financial obligations. More information can be found in the foyer on the management Committee structure and the role of its members.

But what if l don’t have the time to be on the Committee?

Generally speaking, ordinary members donate 1-2 hours every two months to attend a meeting. Free child care is provided for all children, not just those who attend the centre, during these meetings.

The Executive members may be required to put in an extra couple of hours depending on any matters arising. Everyone who is on the Committee donates this time and is rewarded with a reduced Maintenance levy.

All of us have children at the Centre because we are working parents; however, the chance to have a positive input into our children’s experience is definitely worth an 1-2 hours every couple of months.

But l wouldn’t be any good – I don’t know anything about running a business.

You don’t have to have any experience in running a business. Any parent who has to balance a weekly wage against expenses can formulate a budget! All parents are organisers – we have to be!
So, your life skills and experience are worth a lot more than a professional qualification with no experience. Admittedly, it does help if you have some knowledge of basic bookkeeping in order to be the Treasurer, but it is not strictly necessary.
The committee also employees an employer’s union (CMS) to assist their management team when dealing with staff, financial and other issues.

I can’t be bothered – it sounds to hard.

You will be pleasantly surprised that being a Management Committee member is a positive and rewarding position rather that an onerous task. It can give you skills and insight into very different areas that will broaden your skill set for the future.

Can l have a ‘test – drive’?

Sure! All our Meetings are advertised in the foyer. You are welcome to come and sit in on any of our meetings – or just to express your opinion over a particular issue that may be bothering you.

When can l join?

You can join at any time – all are welcome. Simply come to a meeting.

Can l go straight to the top?

Yes, of course! We hold an Annual General Meeting every year, at this time all Committee Members and Executive members step down. A new Committee is proposed and a new President, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed.

What if l have more questions?

If you have any questions on any area of the Management Committee please feel free to approach your Director, Administration Officer or any Management Committee member.

Please come and join us!

All parents and guardians welcome.